Geno's Steaks owner, Joey Vento has devoted his entire life to building his Geno's Steaks, leaving him little or no time for any outside interests. That is, until recently, when he decided to get involved in biking. Well, like everything else Joey does, he gave it his all.

After getting professional training and obtaining his license, he bought his first Harley. Not too long after that, he graduated to a larger bike and then went on to purchasing a third bike. All the bikes are housed across from Geno's, leading people to believe that he also runs a Harley business. Having the bikes close to his business affords him the opportunity to take off and ride with his friends after putting in his usual 7 Day a Week, 4am to 11am schedule.

It's a time to relax and unwind and when people kid him and say he's having a second childhood, he explains that's not the case; this is his first childhood. He was too busy working when he was younger, and only now, can he take off a little time to enjoy himself.