Celebrate Easter and Other Spring Events with the Best Cheesesteaks in Philadelphia

Best Cheesesteaks in Philadelphia

Spring is now in full swing, and Geno’s is excited to spend another season with our incredible fans and supporters. Naturally, with Easter only a couple weeks away and warmer weather already heating up the Philadelphia region, there are a few things Geno’s Steaks is interested in sharing in preparation for what’s to come. Here, we explore just a few pertinent pieces of info for our supporters as we all get ready for another memorable spring season!

Easter is Coming!

Easter is a favorite holiday at Geno’s Steaks and we are planning on remaining open as we have in the past. Believe it or not, cheesesteaks make a great accompaniment to any holiday celebration in the City of Brotherly Love- and many of our supporters take advantage of the opportunity to stop by for one of the best cheesesteaks in Philadelphia! If you are celebrating with friends and family and experience a craving despite your holiday spread, feel free to stop by and show some love.

The Return of Whizzy

Back in 2019, our mascot Whizzy joined the ranks of notable Philadelphia mascots to much fanfare in the area. Whizzy- who promotes friendship, positivity, kindness, and community- has made a great addition to the Geno’s family and has helped give back to the community at several events in the city. The warmer weather means that Whizzy will return for public appearances, giving our beloved mascot the coveted opportunity to connect with customers, attend charitable events, all while spreading his message of kindness and inclusivity. Be sure to look out for him as he continues to make our community smile as the face of the best cheesesteaks in Philly.

Lifting of COVID Restrictions

COVID-19 cases have been on a steady decline in the city for the past few months. In early March, Philadelphia ended its COVID restrictions by lifting mask mandates for indoor and outdoor settings. This means that guests stopping by are free to wear a mask or not depending on their preference and comfort level. While we continue to adjust to our new normal, Geno’s Steaks would like to encourage guests to continue to do what makes them most comfortable.

Looking Forward to Another Season in Philly

One of our favorite parts about springtime is that the city truly begins to shine while we enjoy more frequent events, enjoy outdoor dining, and get to spend time among our family and friends. Our family at Geno’s Steaks is truly looking forward to another season in our beloved city and cannot wait to see the various events and experiences springtime will bring to Philadelphia.