Geno’s Guide to Philadelphia

Welcome to Philadelphia

Philadelphia is a beautiful, fun city.  There is amazing culture, sights, sounds and food here.  You can spend days walking the city and you can just feel the history and nostalgia here.  We are of course the birthplace of the country.  From Ben Franklin to Rocky Balboa, we have it all.  Here are some of my favorite things about Philadelphia.  Come visit and explore some of my top spots in the city.

One really great thing about Philadelphia recently is the resurgence of our city as an amazing culinary town.  Of course we have cheesesteaks, that is a given.  Stop in a grab a cheesesteak any time of the day or night and say hi.  You just may spot a celebrity or star athlete while you are here.  Over the past few years, several Top Chef winners have also brought their talents to our great city as well.  Whether you enjoy traditional French food or Italian there is something for everyone.  Once you get to dessert, stop by the Rim Café.  They have some amazing treats and the best hot chocolates you will ever taste.  Also, John’s Water Ice is the best in the city. (At least I think so)

When planning your trip, be sure to check out the Ritz Carlton hotel on Broad Street.  The Ritz is world renowned for the customer service and amazing attention to even the most minute detail.  The location of the Ritz will also give you an amazing jumping off spot to all of the cultural and culinary hot spots in the city.  Once you arrive and check in, be sure to stroll up Walnut Street to Rittenhouse Square and Rittenhouse Park.  Walnut Street will give you several wonderful shopping opportunities.  There are many well-known shops as well as boutiques for your shopping pleasure.  Rittenhouse is the place to be seen in Philadelphia.  The park is beautiful day or night and there are many opportunities to grab a table, sip a drink and just people watch for a few hours.

If you step out on the town for happy hour, check out Tavern on Camac.  They have some great drink specials, tasty pub food and lively singing at the piano bar.  Once night sets it, there is also a great nightclub upstairs for dancing until the sun comes back up!

Once you are here, why not stay awhile?  The Art Museum is a great place to spend your Sunday afternoon taking in sculptures, paintings and eclectic art shows.  Grab brunch at one of the many eateries in the Fairmount section and then check out Eastern State Penitentiary.  It is one of the oldest and most famous prisons in the world, housing Al Capone and others during its peak.

Remember, keep an open mind and see everything that Philadelphia has to offer.  There are so many special places like…. Geno’s Steaks!!

Geno's cheesesteaks Philadelphia
Geno’s Steaks

Please comment below and let me know some of your favorite spots.  Thanks and see you soon,  Geno