Geno’s Steaks Talks Easter, Passover, and the Start of Baseball Season

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Hey everyone! Geno’s Steaks is back with a few updates for the spring season. It’s been a great year so far as we’ve already begun seeing some excellent weather and a variety of outdoor events sprouting up all across the city. We know that our Geno’s fam enjoys keeping up with us as the home of the best South Philly Cheesesteak and, here, we’ve included a few updates for Easter, Passover, and the start of the new baseball season.


We’ve just celebrated Easter here at Geno’s Steaks and hope that our Geno’s community and fellow Philadelphians have had a great time celebrating with friends and family as well. As always, we were open for Easter making sure that those who craved a cheesesteak on the holiday were able to get their hands on one and to bring in the holiday the right way. One of our favorite things about Easter is that it comes at a time where the spring season really starts to come into full swing, with the smell of spring blossoms in the air getting us excited for the great weather and upcoming activities. To everyone who celebrates, Geno’s wishes you a happy belated Easter and an excellent rest of the spring season!


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Our Jewish friends have just wrapped up celebrating Passover on the 13th, and you may have noticed a few celebrations going on in the Philadelphia area. Passover is a holiday commemorating the story of the Israelites escape from slavery in ancient Egypt, celebrated with a special family meal called the seder that features various foods of symbolic significance. Because people of Jewish faith are to avoid chametz (food that is made from grain and water that has been allowed to rise) the holiday is not a great time to offer up one of our sandwiches to celebrate. Still, we can certainly wish all who celebrate a happy and healthy belated Passover!

Phillies Home Opener

On April 7th, the Phillies returned to Citizens Bank Park for their home opener to much excitement from the fans. In an impressive return to form, the Phils beat the Cincinnati Reds 5-2 with J.T. Realmuto hitting his first home run of the season in the seventh to secure the lead and Craig Kimbrel earning the team’s first save for this season! The start of the baseball season is always a great time for our community, and we are certainly pumped to see our beloved team head into the new season and really give it their all. For all those watching at home, remember that a Geno’s south Philly cheesesteak pairs perfectly with a Phillies game (or any sports game, for that matter).

For More Updates Tune into Our Blog!

Our Geno’s Steaks community already knows how we roll in terms of keeping everyone updated on the latest happenings at the restaurant and our plans for local events this season. With this in mind, we’d like to remind all of our supporters to continue tuning into our blog for upcoming events, our plans for holidays such as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, and more on our commitment to ensuring that we continue to hold the title “Home of the Best South Philly Cheesesteak”. See you soon!