Gotta catch em all? Check out Philly’s upcoming Pokemon GO Bar Crawl

If you have talked to another person or been outside in the past few weeks then you most likely have heard of Pokemon Go. The app that has turned a company into a multi-billion success over night. Some may see it as a silly game, but others unlocked an exciting part of their childhood they never knew they could have. It’s been such a big deal and brought so many people together that Philly decided to have a bar crawl. In order to catch Pokemon in the game, one must walk around to find them. The best part about it is exploring with your friends and meeting new one’s along the way. Naturally an event was made in honor of the app to help bring the Pokemon lovers of Philly together. If Pokemon Go has been consuming your days and you have been missing out on the multiple fun Philadelphia activities, you will not want to miss this. The event is taking place in Fishtown and the list of bars participating include:

◈ The Yachtsman Tiki
◈ Bottle Bar East
◈ Saint Lazarus Bar
◈ Loco Pez
◈ Ortlieb’s
◈ The El Bar
◈ Cedar Point Bar and Kitchen
◈ North Bowl
◈ The Fishtown Tavern


The more Pokemon trainers that come, the better the specials! Make sure to gather all your friends, family, co-workers, strange neighbors and see all that Philly has to offer. The fun doesn’t have to end there. You can encounter countless more Pokemon and stops a long the way to Geno’s. Not to mention the many stops and gyms we have at Geno’s itself! Every good trainer works up an appetite, so after you’ve soaked up as much fun and alcohol as you desired, come to Geno’s for a late night feast while collecting from poke stops and maybe even taking over one of the gyms. We can’t wait to see you here. Happy Hunting!