Looking For Reasons To Get The Best Philly Cheesesteaks With Uber Eats? Look No Further!

It’s the little things, right? After a long day at work, school and any obligation in-between, we know that you’d love nothing more than to kick your shoes off at home and enjoy a good meal. When we say a “good meal,” we mean the best Philly cheesesteaks.

There once was a time when picking these sandwiches up meant standing in line. Those days are gone, as Geno’s has partnered with Uber Eats to offer delivery of your favorite Philly staple. The conveniences that this new partnership is going to offer our customers are extensive and we want everyone to be aware of all the reasons why they should use their phone to order our signature sandwiches. The new partnership, announced on Nov. 28, 2018, has been a huge hit thus far without long-time customers. Sure, everybody loves a trip to South Philly and grabbing the best Philly cheesesteaks at our location on 9th Street is almost always part of the adventure. However, we understand that there will be days when doing so is just logistically impossible. Thus, Geno’s owner Geno Vento says “our customers can now enjoy our cheesesteaks without ever leaving their home with Uber Eats.” Let us help you find the ways to use Uber Eats to enjoy the best Philly cheesesteaks on a regular basis!

You’ve earned it: No matter what shift you work, the Uber Eats app is only a few smartphone swipes and taps away. This means those coming home from work at 5 p.m. can just as easily order one of our cheesesteaks as those who finish up work at 7 a.m. We’re putting the customer first through our partnership with Uber Eats and if you want the best Philly cheesesteak for breakfast – then we’re going to help make that happen.

Busy as can be: Between all of life’s obligations and daily responsibilities, there aren’t as many opportunities to enjoy downtime as we’d like. If you simply can’t find the time to make dinner, pack lunch or generally craft a decent meal, just count on us to whip up the best Philly cheesesteaks. You’ll love this special meal that’s equally-suited for a special occasion or a Tuesday evening.

Fan favorite: There’s no doubt that placing a Geno’s order through Uber Eats is going to make you the life of the party. We’ve got something for everyone, too, so that means a craving for a traditional “whiz with” can be satisfied alongside someone’s desire for a mushroom steak or pizza steak. Before you place your order via Uber Eats, let friends and co-workers know so all can enjoy this Philly fan favorite.