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CNN’s Jake Tapper reports from Philadelphia at Geno’s Steaks during the DNC 2016! Click the link below to watch the video.

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Video Transcript:
JAKE: I’m here at Geno’s Steaks in South Philadelphia at Ninth and Passyunk. Philadelphia has a lot of great cheesesteak places, but this one is my favorite. I’m grew up just a few blocks from here. Geno’s is legendary, but are you ready for the onslaught of democrats who are going to want to taste the cheesesteak? GENO: Yeah. Bring it on. JAKE: One of the keys, I think, is the roll. GENO: Yeah. Somebody said something about the Philly water in the roll when they make it. It makes it a different taste altogether.

JAKE: One with provolone. No onion. Thanks. Are you siked that Philly is the site of the convention? PERSON: I’m a republican, so not really. JAKE: Are you a Hillary Clinton supporter? PERSON 2: At this point, yes. I don’t see any other option. JAKE: Alright. So we had a cheesesteak. Now, it’s time for a cannoli. Here’s Termini Bros. So you’re the third generation of Termini Brothers offering pastries to the good people of Philadelphia. VINCENT: Yes. My brother and I are on the day-to-day operations of our family’s third generation business. We make everything from scratch right here in South Philly. JAKE: Philly is a democratic city, but I wonder do you hear from Trump supporters? Are there any around here? VINCENT: We get a lot of leaners, where people will say they are voting for Trump. JAKE: So I am going to be bringing some of these delicious pastries to my friends at CNN who have never had them before. VINCENT: You definitely don’t want to leave here without the cannoli. JAKE: I think I’ll get a dozen cannolis. Is that crazy? Got some snacks for Wolf and Anderson!

JAKE: Just a short jog down the street, you can see one of the city’s iconic landmarks, the bustling Italian Market, where Rocky Balboa pounded the pavement. This is Cappuccio’s Meats, one of the oldest butcher shops in all of Philadelphia. I’m told you’re about to turn 90? ANTOINETTE: 90 in two weeks. JAKE: Wow. Happy birthday! How long have you been making sausages? ANTOINETTE: Since I was five years old. JAKE: Wow. So you’ve lived through a few conventions in this city? ANTOINETTE: Yes I have. JAKE: So what’s it mean to you? Is it exciting? ANTOINETTE: As long as they come in the store and buy meat I think it’s exciting. JAKE: Let me ask you a question. The democrats are going to nominate the first woman ever on a major party ticket, but do you like her or not? ANTOINETTE: Oh. I can’t say anything about that. I’m a woman, so I won’t say anything. JAKE: Do you like Mr. Trump? ANTOINETTE: I like both of them, but I’m not going to commit to it.