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Geno’s Steaks owner: Business is booming during DNC! Geno’s Steaks Owner Geno Vento weighs on how the DNC is bringing tourists to one of Philadelphia’s most famous cheesesteak joints.

Video Transcript:
LOU: I’m going to turn to my left now. My next guest in the Wells Fargo Arena is an icon in Philadelphia. Geno Vento is the owner of Geno’s Steaks – the famous Philadelphia cheesesteak hot spot. It’s great to have you with us. Your father, he and I were friends over the years, and it’s just great to have you here. So how’s this going to break? Who is going to win?

GENO: Who? Pat’s or Geno’s? LOU:You tell me! GENO: Actually I’m waiting until September, getting some things together and getting more information and everything. I’m still not confident on anybody yet. LOU: And is the convention helping you in that regard? GENO: Extremely. I mean it’s bringing in tourism. Being a destination for Philadelphia and being iconic and everything, there’s so many people coming through the city and they want to try cheesesteaks, so we’re wild.

LOU: I was actually talking about data points for you on how to decide Clinton or Trump, but you went to where it really matters. How’s business? GENO: Excellent. I can’t complain. There’s lines and with the convention going on and everything, there’s tourism and everything, so it’s a booming business. LOU: So basically, if we want to turn this country around in this economy, restore prosperity to all as Donald Trump would say, what we really need to do is have a politic convention in every town between now and November 8 – is that right? GENO: Yep. LOU: Geno, it was great for you to drop by. Thanks so much. GENO: Thanks for having me. LOU: And I appreciate the steaks. GENO: No problem. Good seeing you. LOU: And 50 years in business, I see. GENO: Yeah. We are going on our 50 year anniversary this year. LOU: Your dad is very proud, I’m sure. GENO: Thank you.