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Local Businesses Cash in on DNC | The Democratic National Convention has brought thousands of visitors to Philadelphia and local businesses are trying to cash in. NBC10’s Keith Jones has the details.

Video Transcript:

It’s not just celebrities flocking to Philadelphia for this convention. The convention has brought thousands of visitors to town, and businesses are hoping to cash in on all of this. Let’s go down to NBC’s Keith Jones to have a look at how the DNC has impacted Center City businesses.

Well Jim, this is a good example right here. We are right in front of the Pennsylvania welcome recession. We’ve already seen some delegates stream into the DoubleTree by Hilton right here in Center City, but it’s been a busy night, and it’s only going to get busier for some local businesses. When you visit Philly, you get a cheesesteak. Often you come here – well, not inside with the man behind the restaurant, Geno Vento.

GENO: I mean it’s a huge booming business. You got a lot of tourism, and the fact that we’re a tourism destination. You know, when you come to Philly, first thing you think of is a cheesesteak.

From delegates to democrats, and even this newsman.

GENO: There are a lot of people coming at 11, 12 and even 1:30 in the morning.

Meanwhile in Center City, another hotspot, especially for the LGBT community. Woody’s bartender Thomas, working hard, experiencing the DNC boost.

BARTENDER: We will be staying open later. Tomorrow night, we will be open until 4 a.m.

That’s when they are holding an invitation meet-and-greet with delegates.

There are so many people. Just the traffic alone and seeing mass amounts of people coming down to Center City from South Philly. Other places, like Tria in Washington Square West, are leaving their kitchen open later.

There are people stuck down there until 12, maybe 12:30, at night, and we’ve been experiencing them after that.

Now the earliest estimates as to how much money the city of Philadelphia can see from the DNC have ranged from anywhere between $300 million and $400 million. It’s still not clear how well they’re doing thus far, but these businesses say business is thriving with all of these conventioneers here.