Visit These Off-Beat Attractions In 2019 And Get A South Philly Cheesesteak In The Process

With the first month of 2019 now in the books, we thought it would be a good time to check in on your New Year’s Resolutions? Our sincere “congrats” go out to those still going strong and a reassuring “don’t worry, there’s always next year” to the rest who’ve already lost interest. To both groups, however, we say that 2019 could prove to be the perfect time to make a resolution to explore some Philly destinations that have fallen off the beaten path for far too long. From “Fabric Row” and grabbing a South Philly cheesesteak to a self-guided tour of the Navy Yard and Penn Treaty Park, we’re here to make some suggestions that will leave you looking at the city in a new light.

First, it’s important to note that geography and infrastructure are on your side. Despite a steadily-rising population, we’re a mere 135 square miles across. For comparison, New York City, Los Angeles and Dallas span 305, 473 and 385 square miles, respectively. If you want to take a train from end to end, we’ve got the Broad Street line and the “El.” If you want to a ride a bicycle to accomplish the same, more power to you. Regardless of how you plan to get around, our suggestions for sites to see and places to get an authentic South Philly cheesesteak are below.

The Navy Yard: Home to more than 160 companies, this business campus that’s just south of the stadium complex is also open to people who aren’t employees of businesses there. A walking or biking tour of the campus is about two miles in length and allows visitors to check out “a historic, thriving waterfront neighborhood.” If you’ve ever want to see docked U.S. Navy ships up close in a “mothballed” state, this is the place to do it.

Fabric Row: A literal stone’s throw from South Street, this stretch of 4th Street is a wonderful alternative to tourist traps. The namesake fabric stores that give this street its nickname have been in business for decades and offer all varieties of materials for home décor or clothing needs. In more recent years, Fabric Row has become home to stores that once would have vied for frontage along South Street, namely bicycle repair and music shops alongside new eateries and even a cat shelter that’s open to visitors. While you’re in the neighborhood, why not shoot over to Geno’s along 9th Street and grab a South Philly cheesesteak.

Penn Treaty Park: There are quite a few sprawling green spaces across Philly, but we’d argue that none rival the view that Penn Treaty Park near Fishtown offers. Situated along the Delaware River, visitors can enjoy an unobstructed view of the entire span of the Ben Franklin Bridge from the very shore where the river meets the city. What’s more, this park has roots that run all the way back to 1683 and is host to many music and food-centric events during warmer months.