Celebrate a Rivalry for The Ages with a Sandwich for The Ages

Celebrate a Rivalry for The Ages with a Sandwich for The Ages

It’s a special privilege each year Philadelphia gets to play host to the annual Army-Navy football game. The first Army-Navy game was held in West Point, New York in 1890. The game has served as the embodiment of the interservice rivalry of the United States Armed Forces ever since.

Eighty-eight of the 119 Army-Navy games have been battled out in Philadelphia. Philadelphia serves as the perfect venue not only because of the historic nature of “the city of brotherly love” but it’s a geographic location. Philly is approximately halfway between West Point and Annapolis.

Hosting the event is an honor to every city who has been chosen to welcome both squads to town. Army-Navy is arguably the best rivalry in college football and regardless of the records of the teams, people tune in from around the globe for this nationally televised contest. In fact, the game has been nationally televised every year on a major network since 1945.

Much like Geno’s, the Army-Navy game is used to seeing some famous faces. Throughout the century, the Army-Navy game has welcomed many different sitting U.S. presidents. The game has served as so much more than a game during so many different points in history. In 1944, the game served as a beacon of hope during World War II. A somber game brought Americans together in the wake of the assassination of John F. Kennedy in 1963. 2001 brought about arguably the most emotionally charged and patriotic crowd in the wake of the tragic events of September 11th. When these two branches of the military collide, it’s simply much more than a football game.

This year’s contest will be held at Lincoln Financial Field on Saturday, December 14th at 3:00 Eastern. When Philadelphia hosts the game, it attracts thousands upon thousands of active and retired United States service members. We want to be amongst the first to welcome them to Philadelphia. To honor all those who serve, and to ensure they get a true Philadelphia experience during their visit, Geno’s will be providing $2 off on any sandwich to anyone in uniform or with a military ID at the South Philly Geno’s location the day of the game.

Whether their respective team enjoys the taste of victory or the taste of defeat, all are welcome to enjoy the impeccable taste of a Geno’s cheesesteak. We hope everyone has a great game on the 14th and everyone can come together to enjoy an unforgettable sandwich before and after the game!

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