Getting Out in Philly for Fresh Air

Getting Out in Philly for Fresh Air

The warm weather is rapidly approaching, and with everyone staying home practicing social distancing it is still good to get outside and experience some of the great things Philadelphia has to offer. We encourage you to do everything within the city safely and follow the guidelines we’ve all been given.  More sunshine and better temperatures bring the natural desire to get out there and enjoy some exercise, we encourage you to do it safely. From gorgeous paths to bridges, Philadelphia offers beautiful outdoor locations for just about anyone.  In this article, we’ve included a few of the best places in the city to check out if you’re in need of some fresh air this spring. They’re sure to stir up an appetite as well, and maybe a post-workout order from Geno’s will do the trick.

Philadelphia Museum of Art “Rocky Steps”

Few locations in Philadelphia are as iconic as the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s steps and for a good reason. Not only is it fun for tourists to copy the climb from one of the film’s most famous montages but running the 72 stone steps provides exercise without the need to leave the area. The angle that running the steps introduces into your workout is great for your endurance and core, and there are multiple areas around the steps where you can engage other parts of your body as well. Do some triceps dips along the side of the steps, or simply head up and down the steps 12 times for the equivalent of a mile run. Whatever you choose, you’ll be following in the footsteps of our hero Rocky Balboa. You can even say hello at the bottom.

Kelly Drive and Martin Luther King Jr. Drive Loop

The Kelly Drive and Martin Luther King Jr. Drive Loop is one of the most popular routes for biking and running in the area. At nearly 9 miles long and mostly flat, the route is the perfect way to get in some much-needed exercise without overdoing it in the process. It also provides great views of the Schuylkill River for those that find their workout inspiration in the local scenery. If you didn’t know, Martin Luther King Jr. The drive is partially closed indefinitely to drivers which makes way for cyclists practicing social distancing.

Schuylkill Banks Boardwalk

The beautiful 2,000-foot boardwalk is a favorite for runners, as it provides stunning views of Philly’s skyline and the Schuylkill River.  The path has a little something for everyone, as almost all are sure to enjoy the views of the gorgeous views of the Philly skyline. Runners and bikers can get a solid mile run out of the path, and the boardwalk also has multiple places where people can sit, take in the beauty of the city, and maybe even snap a picture for Instagram.

Ben Franklin Bridge Walkway

The Ben Franklin Bridge Pedestrian Walkway is a 1.5-mile stretch that, like so many other great places to exercise and get some air in the city, offers a truly picturesque view The bridge, which was originally opened in 1926, is both a local piece of history and an amazing place for exercise in the warmer months. This is because right as you hit the mouth of the overpass you are met with a steep incline that is sure to lead to an intense workout as you traverse the bridge.

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