Cheesesteak Shop Is Best Place In Philly To Celebrate Make-Or-Break Eagles’ Victory

Call it a Christmas miracle delivered, once again, by our very own “Saint Nick.” For fans of the Philadelphia Eagles, the 2017-18 season is a far cry from the one we’re currently fighting tooth-and-nail through. However, the Dec. 16, 2018 victory over the Los Angeles Rams on their home turf – which also kept playoff hopes alive – is one to remember. It’s also one to celebrate and relish, which is where a local cheesesteak shop in Philly can come into play.

With starting quarterback Carson Wentz on the injury list, coaching staff called upon second-string QB Nick Foles to get the job done in LA. Having suffered a near season-ending loss in Dallas, Texas the week before, even die-hard fans had their doubts that we’d be seeing meaningful football here in Philly come late December and January. However, the Eagles’ 30-23 win over the Rams ensures just that – if only for another week. Foles, the same QB who led the Eagles to their Super Bowl-winning season after Wentz – again – went out for the season with an ACL injury, stepped up. Even the analysts laid praise at his performance, with The Philadelphia Inquirer reporting the morning after the win that, “Foles played better on five days’ notice than he did in their first two games this season, when he had an entire offseason to prepare. The Eagles are 7-7 now, and the playoffs are still possible, and Foles is a reason, maybe the reason.” To live and die by football can be mentally and emotionally taxing. Few know it better than Eagles fans, but this is a city known for its steadfast support of a team that, more often than not, comes up just a few inches short of first down season after season.

Now that Eagles fans, residents and visitors to Philly alike all have another reason to celebrate, it’s time to find a cheesesteak shop to gather and grab a bite. Naturally, Geno’s is the cheesesteak shop most often associated with this city’s staple dish and it’s for good reason. With fresh rolls, freshly-diced onions, thinly-sliced rib-eye steak and enough Cheese Whiz to satisfy every customer, it’s no wonder that lines will form around the corner for a taste of this classic sandwich.

There are two regular season games left for the Eagles: one at home and a Dec. 30, 2018 on-the-road match-up at FedExField in Maryland. Time will tell if the team looks to repeat its Super Bowl-winning season of last year but there’s one thing we can be sure of: our cheesesteak shop in Philly will have the sandwich you crave before or after the game.