Sports Complex Casino Inches Forward (But Cheesesteaks In Philly Can Be Had Right Now)

It’s been more than four years since word of a hotel/casino in South Philadelphia’s Sports Complex sector first made headlines. Now, on the eve of that fourth year and fast heading for a fifth still on the drawing board, the developer has been granted a two-year extension. This means there’s at least a projected opening in mind: the end of 2020. For gamblers looking to cash in on Philly’s second gambling license, it looks like the wait will go on for another two years at most. If you’re looking for cheesesteaks in Philly, on the other hand, you can already find them within the Sports Complex and at the flagship Geno’s location at 9th Street and Passyunk Avenue. Here’s the latest on the plans that will turn the sports complex into a mixed-use area providing pre and post-game attractions like never before.

According to a late November article from, “the hotel and casino complex … would be located just outside the South Philadelphia Sports Complex.” To that end, the nearby Holiday Inn hotel – which was already purchased by the casino’s developers – will likely be torn down in December 2018 to make way for the project. “Construction of the $700 million property is expected to begin early in 2019,” the report states, adding that backers expect it to be one of the “most unique sports/gaming/hospitality destinations in the country.”

This area of South Philadelphia to either side of Pattison Avenue is a hotbed of activity on game days. According to recent statistics, the average attendance for a home game of the Philadelphia Eagles is about 69,000 attendees. Given that Lincoln Financial Field has a maximum capacity of 69,176 people, that’s arguably a sell-out crowd every time Philly’s favorite team takes the field. From this point of view, it’s easy to see why developers want to build a casino here rather than elsewhere in the city – you simply can’t beat the foot traffic.

What’s more, all those hungry guests can grab cheesesteaks in Philly nearby inside Xfinity Live! Since this sprawling sports bar is located within the shadow of the Linc, Wells Fargo Center and Citizens Bank Park, it’s never been easier to get the best cheesesteaks in Philly. For those who want to head north and visit the flagship home of Geno’s, it’s time to get a ride to Passyunk Avenue. Upon arrival, this city’s favorite cheesesteaks in Philly will be hot, fresh and waiting for you and the rest of the crowd you came with.