Employee Spotlight: Cathy Has Provided 44 Years of Service with a Smile

Cathy always puts family first. It’s why she’s spent the last 44 years supporting her family while working with people who became more than coworkers, they became family as well. From the steak side of the building to the cash counter and handling the soda window and fries, there’s practically nothing Cathy has yet to experience during her tenure at Geno’s. Cathy says she’s done whatever has been asked with a smile because she cares about her coworkers and knows the feeling is mutual. “Everyone works hard every day to make Geno’s the best place to enjoy a cheesesteak in the world.”

It’s easy to see why Cathy goes together with Geno’s like whiz and steak when you understand that even on her off days, Cathy loves to clean. “I’m a neat freak. Joe and, now Geno, always stressed the importance of keeping our restaurant clean, it’s something I’ve always loved as well, so it’s been a match made in heaven,” explained Cathy.

Cathy has been with Geno’s long enough to remember when the current owner was still a little kid. Now, she couldn’t be more proud of him.  Cathy explains, “Joey left big shoes to fill when it comes to being a good owner and a great boss, Geno is living up to those expectations and continuing the tradition of Geno’s as the gold standard in the Philly cheesesteak business.”

One of the perks of working at Geno’s is meeting all of the celebrities who just have to stop by for an authentic Philly cheesesteak experience. Out of all the buzzworthy celebrities, the future 42nd President of the United States left the most lasting impression with Cathy.

“When the future President came to visit during his campaign, I had never seen anything like it. The security was off the charts and the whole block cleared up quickly. Clinton held my hand for a while and asked me how to order properly. Once he got his sandwich, he was gone in a flash and the crowd started to come back. It was something you would see in a movie,” explained Cathy.

One thing that never leaves is the quality of Cathy’s favorite Geno’s meal. Not being a big onion fan, Cathy has been enjoying a whiz without with ketchup and hot peppers for 44 years. Next year, Cathy is set to retire and enjoy even more “Mom-Mom Mondays with her granddaughter.” Cathy says it will be tough to retire, though, because of the love she has for the restaurant and the people who make it what it is. Of course, she will always be able to come back and visit with a whiz without with ketchup and hot peppers waiting.