Genos Steaks, Home of the Best Philly Cheesesteak, Explores MLK Day, Lunar New Year, and Our Commitment to Quality Products

With the new year well underway and the city as alive as ever, we know that our Geno’s family wants to keep up with happenings at the company and beyond. As we reflect on the ingredients that help us maintain our coveted status as home of the best Philadelphia cheesesteak and past holidays, we hope to help readers stay updated and excited for what 2023 will bring for both Geno’s and the greater Philadelphia community!

A Look into Our Ingredients

Our cheesesteak recipe has played a huge role in our success over the years and features only the finest quality ingredients. We realize it has been a while since we talked (or gloated) about how each piece works together to solidify our status as home of the best Philadelphia cheesesteak and wanted to provide a bit of information on the ingredients that make our sandwiches so special.

A great cheesesteak starts with the meat. We use only high-quality, thinly sliced ribeye steak for our sandwiches because it offers the perfect amount of fat and ensures a delicious end product. Fat means flavor in cooking and ensures that the meat remains tender, juicy, and never greasy as its cooked. At Geno’s Steaks, we also include the freshest onions fried to perfection for customers who enjoy a bit of extra punch to their sandwich.

Bread also is a vital part of any respectable cheesesteak, and we go above and beyond to make sure that customers receive only the freshest product to serve as the base for their sandwich. Our Italian rolls are delivered daily from a local bakery for maximum freshness. And you can’t forget the cheese! We provide American, provolone, and whiz (if you know, you know) for customers. While purists may argue that provolone is the way to go and in-the-know Philadelphians will stand by whiz, we uphold that there is no one true way to enjoy a cheesesteak. We even provide ketchup, mustard, and relish as condiments if you want!

Celebrating MLK Day

Not long ago, we all celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. Day in honor of the man that has made incredible strides in creating a more equitable environment for many within our communities. At Geno’s Steaks, in part due to our location in the City of Brotherly Love, we know just how important MLK is in American history and continue to honor his legacy. We hope that all of our friends and members of the Geno’s family enjoyed the holiday and took the time to acknowledge just how different today may look if not for Martin Luther King Jr’s incredible contributions to equality and civil rights.

Lunar New Year 2023

Lunar New Year kicked off on January 22nd, and we wanted to wish our community a happy year of the rabbit! The holiday will be continuing until Sunday, February 5th and we encourage those who are interested to take part in the variety of events that will take place around the city to celebrate. We’ve noticed that there are so many interesting events this year such as the Chinese Lunar New Year Hand Made Dumpling Event, live events and a celebration of Chinese culture at Parkway Library, and more. Chinese Lunar New Year is also an excellent time of the year to visit out historic, bustling China Town to enjoy delicious and diverse cuisines firsthand. If you still have room for the best Philly cheesesteak, feel free to stop by Geno’s Steaks as well!

More News and Updates to Come

At Geno’s Steaks, we cannot voice enough how excited we are for 2023 as the year gets rolling. As always, we hope to keep our Geno’s community up to date on events and interesting developments at our restaurant and around the city. Looking for more information from the Geno’s team? Look out for more posts as we continue to provide inside looks at the happenings at the restaurant, our efforts to support and uplift our Geno’s family, and the wide variety of events featured in our city.