Spring is Coming—More News from Your Favorite South Philly Cheesesteak Spot

Geno’s Steaks Celebrates Spring

The winter season is winding down in the City of Brotherly Love, and your favorite South Philly cheesesteak spot is already checking our plans for spring. Geno’s Steaks is always pumped as the winter season nears its end for a variety of reasons. Warmer weather, more excuses to get outdoors, numerous events being planned, the list goes on. Here at Geno’s, we understand just how lively the city gets for the springtime and want to keep our Geno’s community updated on some interesting news as we prepare for what the new season will bring.

Spring is on the Way!

If you haven’t noticed, the weather in the City of Brotherly Love is already getting warmer as we prepare for spring next month. We are excited for the changing season because it allows us to prepare for outdoor events with our Philly community. When the weather is nice, you really get a sense of the magic that makes Philadelphia such a special city. Remember to check back for more information on some of the exciting spring events we are planning this year to get our Geno’s Family in on some fun times.

Whizzy Gets a Shout Out in the Philadelphia Inquirer

In February, the Philadelphia Inquirer released an article covering some our city’s mascots, and Whizzy made the list! The Inquirer did a great job covering Whizzy and included a few fun facts about him such as what the “J.” in “Whizzy J. Vento” is short for, Whizzy’s favorite mascot, his favorite event, and a few of his interests. Geno’s is beyond proud to see Whizzy get his flowers in recognition of the work that he has done to bring joy to Geno’s Steaks and our friends. If you are interested in learning more about Whizzy and some of the other mascots representing Philly orgs and businesses, check out the article!

Getting Ready for the Phillies

In a little over a month, the Phillies will be returning to the field for another exciting season. At Geno’s Steaks, we know that a South Philly cheesesteak is more than just a great football sandwich, it’s the best sandwich to pair with a Phillies baseball game as well! The regular season will start on March 30th with our home opener taking place on April 6th. The Phillies have been looking great in spring training, and we just know that this season will be an exciting one!

Interested in More News from Geno’s Steaks?

With the weather getting warmer and the city ripe with activities, our Geno’s family is in for an exciting spring season. We know that our community wants to keep up with interesting updates and developments at Geno’s Steaks and will make every effort to help fans follow our upcoming events, new offerings, contributions to the city we love, and more. As always, tune in to our blog on Geno’s Steaks for more information from the home of the best cheesesteak in Philadelphia.