Geno’s Steaks Prepares for the Summer

Summer is quickly approaching, and we at Geno’s Steaks are already excited for the fun the changing season will bring. As we prepare for summer, a few celebrations stand out in the pipeline; the start of summer, Father’s Day, and Pride Month! Here, we look at how Geno’s Steaks is getting ready for these summer events.

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Father’s Day

Father’s Day is on June 19th this year and many of us are already thinking about what to get the man who has everything. Geno’s Steaks has you covered for your cheesesteak needs this Father’s Day and will be open all day long to satisfy any cheesesteak cravings you or your old man may have. We would like to take the opportunity to formally thank all of the dads and father figures out there for shaping us into the people we are today. You can thank them with a nice gift, the best cheesesteak in south Philly, or both—your choice!

The Start of Summer

The summer season officially kicks off on June 21st! The City of Brotherly Love is always bustling and filled with a variety of fun activities all summer long, and Geno’s Steaks is pumped to add to the action and connect with our beloved Geno’s family. Here at Geno’s, summer is momentous because we have a list of activities and special events already in the pipeline. For example, Sunday Funday featuring live entertainment from DJ Perry Angelozzi will take place one Sunday a month to bring dancing, partying, and great food to our community! Regardless of what you are into you can rest assured that there will be plenty of fun to be had at the events the city has planned this summer.

Pride Month

June is Pride Month —a time of celebration for the LGBTQIA+ community. While Philadelphia is well-known for the Gayborhood, a famous hub for great food, drink, and LGBTQIA+ culture, the ideology of acceptance for our diverse community spreads far beyond the confines of that section of the city. This is even more evident during Pride Month when the city is home to many festivals, parades, drag shows, and other events to celebrate. At Geno’s Steaks, we are honored to have such a diverse community as our Geno’s family. Pride month is special to us because it gives us the opportunity to show love and respect to all of the people who make Philadelphia such a rich and inviting city.