How To Order Cheesesteaks Like a Local

The cheesesteak has become as synonymous with the City of Brotherly Love as the Liberty Bell and our Founding Fathers, and for a good reason. Not only is the sandwich delicious, but it also is rich in history and beloved by locals and visitors alike. For those that are not ingrained in the local culture, ordering a cheesesteak from one of the top proprietors of the sandwich such as Geno’s Steaks can certainly seem like a daunting task. And, while typically ordering at Geno’s Steak’s is a smooth process, one would need to look no further than when John Kerry infamously requested a cheesesteak with swiss to know that there is a wrong way to order. Rest assured, though, the process is quite simple, and Geno’s Steaks can get you on the fast track to ordering like a local.

The Cheese

Geno’s Steaks, like many other cheesesteak restaurants in the city, has three options for cheese. These include Provolone, American, and Whiz. There will always be debate on preference depending on who you ask, but you truly cannot go wrong with any of the options at the best place to order cheesesteaks in Philadelphia. Provolone tends to be a favorite of purists, but people that are visiting the city should not shy away from trying whiz if they are unfamiliar with it, as it has become a favorite for a reason. Your own preference for cheese will be the first part of your order.

“With” or “Without”?

There are two parts to placing your cheesesteak order, the second being whether you would like onions on your cheesesteak. If you are not averse to onions and are trying a cheesesteak at Geno’s Steaks for the first time, it would be a wise idea to try them out. While not everyone is a fan of onions, fried onions are not overpowering and do wonders for tying the cheesesteak together.

One thing to remember about ordering like a local is that popular places like Geno’s Steaks that are frequented by regulars have a clientele that values quickness. This means that it is great etiquette to know how to order before you are at the window. To order like a local, simply combine the two preferences of your order. For example, if you are going for provolone with onions, your order would be “provolone with. Knowing your order definitively at the order window will make you look like a local that knows their way around a cheesesteak.