What Does Your Choice of Cheese Say About You?

Philly is without a doubt a place that takes its regional food, the Philly cheesesteak, seriously. There is a good reason for this too. Not only is the cheesesteak the most delicious sandwich that the world has to offer, but it also holds a very special place in the city’s heart for its historical relevance to our beloved residence. Choosing your favorite spot or preferred take on the cheesesteak is almost always the source of great debate, but we have decided to add some fun to the usual cheesesteak discourse. In this article, we talk about the three kinds of cheeses Geno’s Steaks offers to its customers and maybe you will learn what your preference says about your personality.


Provolone stands out historically as the first cheese used to create the cheesesteak and remains a recommended option if you ask locals. And not for nothing, as Provolone cheese melts well while providing a great, distinct flavor to the cheesesteak. Because of its position in the cheesesteak hierarchy, if provolone is your cheese of choice, you are more than likely a purist that prefers classics or a local. The sandwich world, much like other spaces, has its fair share of traditionalists and there is truly place for classics in the great cheesesteak debate.


American cheese is one of the original options for cheesesteaks and remains a favorite amongst other options for its mild, unassertive flavor on the sandwich. With that in mind, if you prefer American cheese on your cheesesteak, you are more than likely a person that likes to play it safe with the things that you do. American cheese plays the perfect middle ground in the cheesesteak meta, offering superb meltability but not imparting much flavor on its own. While American cheese may stand in the middle ground between breaking the mold and being a traditionalist, rest assured that the middle is not a bad place to be when it comes to cheesesteaks.


The latest addition to the roster, Cheese Whiz, rose to popularity in the ‘80s and has remained a popular option in Philly since. If provolone choosers are much more inclined to be traditionalists that enjoy the classics rather than rocking the boat and American is somewhere sitting on the fence, whiz stands out as provolone’s foil. Even with whiz’s acceptance into the cheesesteak zeitgeist and popularity in the city, there is still something inherently creative about those that choose it. People that prefer whiz are much more likely to be the type to throw caution to the wind both in their food choices and other endeavors. While it may not seem like the great choice that it is to some outsiders, those that choose whiz to know that breaking the mold can be rewarding (and delicious).