Take a trip to the 1700s at the Museum of the American Revolution!

Travel back to the 1700s at the newly-opened Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia. Appropriately opened on April 19, 2017, the museum recognizes the commencement of the American Revolution exactly 272 years prior. Located on 101 South Third Street, the Museum of the American Revolution has already received a vastly positive response.

The museum has four exhibits on display, which are separated by time periods. The exhibits include:

  • 1760 to 1775: Road to Independence
    • Learn about the time before the American Revolution began. From the writing of the Declaration of Independence to the reproduction of the Boston Liberty Tree, there is plenty to see in this exhibit.
  • 1776 to 1778: The Darkest Hour
    • The heart of the war was bloody and grave. This exhibit shows memories of the infamous battles, weapons, notable women, and more. Many visitors will recognize the story of the winter in Valley Forge, which was a brutal time for the Continental Army.
  • 1778 to 1783: A Revolutionary War
    • View the peak of the war, which occurred in the South. Visitors can mount a privateer ship, learn about the African American role in the war, and more.
  • 1783 to Present: A New Nation
    • View photographs of war veterans, “Republican mothers,” and newfound symbols of America post-revolution.

The museum is open daily from 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. from July 31 to September 4 and 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. following those dates. Admission tickets expire after two days.

Ticketing prices are as follows:

  • Adults: $19
  • Youth ages 6 to 17: $12
  • Children five years old and under: Free
  • Members: Free
  • Anytime ticket (not timed, good for use whenever): $25
  • Seniors 65 and over: $17
  • Students with ID: $17
  • Active duty military: $17
  • Teachers: $17

Guided tours are available at the museum on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. The museum offers other events, such as themed happy hours. There is a museum shop available to purchase collectibles like apparel, souvenirs, and books. Still photography and videography is permitted, but you cannot bring selfies sticks, flash, tripods, and monopods. The museum is ADA compliant.

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