New Geno’s Lighting to Raise Awareness for A Cause

We are excited to inform our customers that we decided to change our restaurant’s lighting to color-changing lights that will allow us to show support for notable causes as well as our favorite Philly sports teams! We are excited to add this color-changing lighting to our authentic cheesesteak experience. People come to Geno’s for delicious, authentic cheesesteaks and we wanted to add to the experience with our color-changing lights by celebrating/ raising awareness on important events, and holidays that are important to Geno’s and Philly. Some colors we have already decided on include:

Purple for Opioid Awareness Month:

September is known as opioid awareness or national recovery month. The color used to raise awareness is purple. Unfortunately, many Americans are affected by this opioid crisis and have been personally impacted by this opioid epidemic. Whether you have personally lost someone to addiction or know a family who has been tormented by addiction, everyone is affected in some way. September is a month to educate and spread awareness about the opioid epidemic and celebrate those who have chosen to seek help. It is important to increase public awareness around the need for mental health resources and services in order to better combat this crisis. 

Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is national breast cancer awareness month known for its pink ribbons. There is an annual campaign held in October in order to raise awareness for breast cancer, which takes so many lives. It is important for women to be educated on what they can do to be proactive with their breast health as early detection can save a life. Many of us have been affected by Breast cancer in some way or another. We hope that our pink lighting can help spread awareness regarding breast cancer and show support for the brave women fighting the disease.

Green for Eagles Games

We are so excited that football is finally back as we are sure many of you are as well. We wanted to celebrate and support our team with our green lighting on game days. Nothing goes better with Eagles football than a Geno’s cheesesteak. Go Birds!

Geno’s is excited to take part in spreading awareness for things like breast cancer, opioids etc. and celebrate the Eagles football season. With the holiday season approaching, Geno’s is excited to add different lighting colors for the different seasons and months. To see the colored lights in action and the future colors that will be used, make sure to come by Geno’s and try the best authentic cheesesteaks in Philly with some beautiful colored lights.