Employee Spotlight: A Golden Bear Story & More from the Gold Standard in Cheesesteaks

Countless celebrities head to Geno’s to get their hands on a world-famous Philly cheesesteak. When the buzz regarding a celeb’s presence hits the staff, special accommodations for a seat inside are often made. This was certainly the case when Anthony Rossi, a Manager at Geno’s, heard that the all-time leader in major golf championships was waiting in line.

The Golden Bear, Jack Nicklaus, was at the back of a very busy line awaiting his chance to order. Rossi and some other staff urged Nicklaus to come inside for a seat and a steak. Looking around, Nicklaus politely declined as he wanted to take in the full ambiance of the experience. Rossi says that experience is what keeps people coming back day-after-day, month-after-month, year-after-year.

Rossi points to the family atmosphere that stems from the top of the organization as the reason Geno’s has been able to maintain their success. He explains the family atmosphere saying, “My coworkers are great, I’ve been there 12 years and I’m still one of the babies on my shift. I feel more like I go in with my brothers and sisters each day than with coworkers, and we all have an understanding that we are going to do things the Geno’s way. The supportive atmosphere is a must as Rossi points out, “There are 100s of people in line at all times. You’re on your feet, on your toes and you always need to be motivated to work.”

It’s about more than producing the best cheesesteak in Philadelphia for Geno’s. The entire company is dedicated to cleanliness. Rossi points out managers who have been there for longer than 40 years still clean. A manager himself, Rossi regularly cleans windows inside and out. Every staff member gathers that work ethic by starting at the bottom with a focus on cleaning. Additional responsibilities like cooking fries are slowly earned and, eventually, the opportunity to manage arises.

Unlike some other steak shops, you can make a career at Geno’s. Rossi urges others to consider working at Geno’s saying, “If you are looking for a great place to work where you can move up through hard work and provide for a family, it’s Geno’s Steaks. Whether it’s for a few years or a lifetime, there’s a spot for all hard workers.”