Employee Spotlight: From Onion Chopper to General Manager, Jeff Beres Has Loved Working at Geno’s for 35 Years

Employee Spotlight: From Onion Chopper to General Manager, Jeff Beres Has Loved Working at Geno’s for 35 Years

Two consistent themes when you think of Geno’s Steaks are the commitments to quality and cleanliness. These two focal points have been engrained in current General Manager, Jeff Beres, since he started with Geno’s Steaks 35 years ago. Beres started as an onion chopper and a cleanup employee. When someone finished their cheesesteak and got up from the tables, Beres would run over before another person could sit and ensure the table was spotless.

Beres said his hustle in his early days was quickly noted and appreciated and the same standard applies today. Beres explains saying, “When you work hard, ownership is quick to address it and notice it. They provide incredible opportunities for hard workers and treat all employees like family. My work family has allowed me to provide for my family at home and I’m truly appreciative of all that Geno’s Steaks has done for me.”

Beres credits the lessons learned at Geno’s for helping him become a better father and family man. At Geno’s Steaks, you must be on top of things and you must take pride in what you do. No matter what job you are tasked with, you give it your all and do your best. Geno’s has shown that when you give 100 percent, you will reap the benefits. Whether it’s for a test or a sporting event, Beres has brought those lessons home for his kids to benefit from.

While the commitment to hard work and cleanliness has helped Geno’s grow, Beres still says it’s the quality of the steak that can’t be beaten. “Other competitors will suggest countless condiments on their steak. We recommend you eat your first Geno’s steak with whiz and onions. Without any condiments, you can truly taste the difference in the quality of the steak,” said Beres.

The quality is what keeps people coming back for more. Beres loves that even though regular customers will sometimes move to different areas of the country when they come back to visit their family in Philly, they make it a point to visit Geno’s. “When a customer comes that I haven’t seen in years, they still see the same friendly faces and we pick up right where we left off. Interpersonal communication is a dying art but not at Geno’s.

When it comes to celebrities, Beres says he doesn’t get star struck easily. However, a few celebrities made a lasting impression. For instance, when Adam Sandler came to visit, you couldn’t tell he was one of the biggest movie stars in the world. Sandler refused special treatment and was happy to take a picture with anyone who asked. Jim Cramer, of CNBC’S Mad Money, is a huge Philadelphia Eagles fan and will stop by before every home game to pick up a cheesesteak to bring to the tailgate.

Celebrities, tourists, and locals can all come together at Geno’s to enjoy a cheesesteak that is truly crafted with pride. Jeff Beres encourages everyone to come often and come hungry. The quality, cleanliness, and courtesy of Geno’s will be waiting.